About K.E. Stegall

Kathryn E. Stegall believes the Bible is the living and active word of God, which is able to make us wise for salvation.

Stegall was educated at Geneva College and The Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary and taught secondary sciences and Bible for many years. As a lifelong member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North American, she has served on its Board of Education and Publication, as CoChair of the 1992 RPCNA International Conference, and on the Board of Directors for the RPCNA Home for the Aged, as well as working with her husband, Ron, as a missionary teacher and church planter on the island of Cyprus. Stegall has written for The Priscilla Papers, a journal of CBE; Semper Reformanda, published by the World Alliance of Reformed Churches; and Cornerstones, a newsletter focusing on issues important to women.

The Stegalls enjoy their five children and eleven grandchildren and currently live in Kansas.

About writing The Full Rights of Sons Stegall says,

I am an ordinary Christian. I read my Bible in my own English language. I am very thankful for able translators who have given me the Scriptures in a language I can read and understand. Given this, I read God's Word confident that the Holy Spirit will provide all that is needed for true understanding. It is by faith that the eyes of our hearts are enlightened by the Spirit of revelation. My faith is in Jesus, the truth. He is the living Word of God. He is found in the Scriptures. This is where I have turned.

Please read this book with an open Bible before you. What I say is just that; what I say. But what the Bible says is God’s Word to us. Dear reader, examine the Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus, to see if these things are true.